Author: Mayme Jones


What is a Loan and How to Obtain it

You may be an SME looking for alternative financing for your business. In this case, the Alias loans may be what you were looking for. However, do you know what an Alias loan is and how to obtain it? In Financing for Companies we explain it to you. has examples What is an Alias […]


How to Find the Best Loan for Buying a Boat

Many Danes dream of owning a boat. Being able to drive quietly beyond the Danish summer sea, spend time in the harbor with friends and family, and at the same time get a lot of renewed quality of life and good experiences. But in order to buy the boat, a boat loan is often required. […]


Loan for microentrepreneur | Request in 5 minutes!

Obtaining a loan for traditional businesses can be a difficult, long and intrusive process, especially if you have a small business and need to recapitalize or give a lever in the business. Running your own business can have many advantages, you become yours own boss and can work on his or her own schedule. But […]

Loans for the Unemployed – Extra Credit Despite Unemployment

   If you have a regular income, it is usually not a problem to apply for a loan. However, those who are unemployed and do not receive a salary but still need a loan will quickly realize that banks in Germany do not offer credit for the unemployed. Obtaining a loan despite unemployment is difficult, […]